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The maze of different types of couplings and fittings can be dizzying. At Direct Material, we pride ourselves on a vast selection that's as reliable as it is diverse. We offer everything from industrial couplings designed to withstand the toughest conditions to precision pipe couplings and fittings that ensure your complex piping project's success. Our industrial fittings are the unsung heroes of fluid systems, ensuring efficiency and reliability in every connection. With our expertly curated range of couplings and fittings, you get both quality and peace of mind. Complete your piping project with perfectly fitting connections from our unparalleled selection. OEM and Custom Orders are welcome for special sizes and configurations.

Couplings, fittings, and adapters allow industrial parts to connect and work together. For example, fittings allow piping to connect and help direct the flow of a plumbing system. Cam & groove couplers are available in assorted styles: reducing, standard, and flanged. They are made of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and polypropylene. We offer a full line of DuraChoice stainless steel fittings in 316 and 304.

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