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Shop our industrial thermometers for sale. We offer DuraChoice stainless steel, bimetal thermometers. They are reliable, accurate, and made of the highest quality materials at the best price. Our customers purchase our thermometers for OEM markets, food processes, beer brewing, AC and refrigeration processes, as well as many other industrial applications. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality at a great price and customer-centric service. We offer bimetal thermometers, glass industrial thermometers, adjustable thermometers with calibration dials, and thermowells. Dial sizes range from 3” to 5”, with stem sizes ranging from 2 1/2” to 9”, and dual scale measurements, Fahrenheit and Celsius. Our bimetal thermometers are designed for accuracy and durability. They have stainless steel casing with wetted parts to ensure a long service life. For hard-to-reach locations, our adjustable industrial thermometers for sale provide a great solution. The 5” dial makes them readable fro

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