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The Right Supplies For Any Level of #Brewing


Did you know that Direct Material sells much of the equipment brewers use? We can supply you what you need no matter what size of brewing operation you run, whether just for personal use, commercial use, brewing equipment resale or manufacturing of brew pots and setups. We've got your valves, thermometers, gauges, filters and fittings to complete your brew pot or other brewing devices. Make your own beer brewing equipment and save even more money while making your own brew. All of these items are of course available in stainless steel which is known to be great for brewing due to it's non-corrosive and sanitary properties.New brewing customers can save 10% off their first order by using the code: BREW10 (Update: This offer has expired.) All orders over $99 get FREE shipping, always. If you can find any lower price online we will match it, just let us know.