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What Style of Pressure Gauge Connection Works Best?

We've talked before about the variety of gauge face sizes available to you. 

Today, we are going to talk a little about the different styles of gauge connections and their various uses.

Ok. To be fair, there is only one use for a connection and that is to connect.

But the placement and size of the connection allow for more versatility in application. Take the lower mount gauge for instance. Lower mount gauges can be attached to an upward-facing female connection.

Since the connection is perpendicular to the gauge face, users can see the gauge easily from a standing position or some distance from the machine. Trying to use a back connection in that space would force the user to put his/her head over the top of the pipe-not necessarily a good place to be.

Likewise, using a lower mount gauge in a space designed for a right side mounted gauge could cause incorrect readings or at the very least a crook in someone's neck.







Connection Sizes

In addition to the different connection placements available. DuraChoice also offers a variety of connection sizes. These lower mount connections illustrate the different sizes, including the standard 1/4" NPT connection.

These connections are available on any of the manufacturer's 4" Face Lower Mount Gauges. Connection sizes may also changed by the use of specially-made adapters sold by DirectMaterial.com